Product information "TurboLine Rope (white, 200 meter)"

TurboLine Rope is intended for permanent horse and cattle fencing over 500 metres. It is also suitable for keeping game out.

TurboLine Rope is woven and doesn't stretch which extends its life by 30%. Three tinned copper wires combined with 8 stainless steel wires provides optimum conductivity.

The soft touch rope provides extra safety for your animals and makes installation easy.

Comes with a 7 year UV- guarantee.


  • Diameter mm: 6+
  • No. of stainless steel wires: 8
  • No. of tinned copper wires: 3
  • Resistance ohm / meter: 0.06
  • Tensile strength kg: 430
Animal type: Cattle, Horse, Large game
Colour: White / orange
Diameter (mm): 6+
Duopack: -
Meters on reel (m): 200
Number of stainless steel wires: 8
Number of tinned copper wires: 3
Recommended fence length (m): > 500
Resistance (Ohm/meter): 0,06
Tensile strength (kg): 430
UV warranty (Years): 7
Voltage at 100 m: 8000V
Voltage at 500m: 7500V
Voltage at 1000 m: 7000V
Voltage at the beginning of the fence: 8000V
Ø plastic nylon wires (mm): 0,3
Ø stainless steel wires (mm): 0,20
Ø tinned copper wires (mm): 2x 0,25 / 1x 0,30