Electric fencing for chickens

The Gallagher chicken fence is the ideal solution if you keep free range chickens. The fence consists of a chicken net combined with an electric fence. The netting fence is easy to set up and transport so it’s a convenient and secure fencing alternative if you need to move your chickens frequently.

Features electric chicken fence net

  • Length of the chicken net: 50 meters
  • Height chicken fence: 1.12 meters
  • 15 Piles with single or double pin installed in the net
  • Easy to connect so that the chicken fence wire net can be extended

Chicken wire netting with a single pen

The chicken net has a total length of 50 meters including 15 single pin posts mounted in the net. The chicken net is supplied complete and is user-friendly to use; several chicken nets are easy to connect together. In combination with a powerful Gallagher energiser, your chickens will continue to forage safely behind the net.

Electric fence net for chickens with double pen

This chicken net also has a length of 50 meters and is supplied with 15 posts with double pins that are mounted in the net. The double pin version is firmer in the ground than the single pin system. Multiple chicken nets can also be connected to each other with the double pin system.

Complete electric fence net for chickens

This set contains a fence net, energiser, earth stake and warning sign.