Why weighing and electronic identification?

Are my lambs ready for slaughter? Are my young stock growing according to the curve? How are my beef cattle doing? Just some of the questions a farmer asks himself regularly. Often, the answer to these questions is given based on the age of the animal. However, Gallagher offers a better way to make decisions: with data. By weighing and using electronic identification, livestock farmers can make better decisions in areas such as power supply, growth, medication, breeding selection and sale timing.

Three unique features

After many discussions with farmers around the world, Gallagher designed this concept. Gallagher's weighing solutions have three unique features, namely; wireless loadbars, Animal Performance web environment and data exchange. We explain these features in more detail below.

Wireless loadbars

Weighing cattle has never been easier. With wireless loadbars, you can avoid the most common problem with traditional loadbars: cables. Send the weights via Bluetooth directly to the Animal Performance Plus app or to your Gallagher weigh scale. With these wireless loadbars, you have no risk of cables being chewed through, cables being trampled by cattle or damage to the scale's connections. 

Additional benefits of wireless loadbars:
  • Easy to move and install
  • Sturdy housing 
  • Accurate weight measurement, time after time
  • Versatile loadbars designed for use under weighing platforms and livestock handling systems

From notepad to cloud

Weighing has been done for some time, however, until now this involved a lot of administration. Now this paperwork takes place in the cloud. With an EID reader you can easily read the electronic animal number. The weight from the weigh scale is automatically linked, stored and, after synchronisation, clearly displayed in the Animal Performance web environment. This allows you to see at a glance how the weight of each individual animal is developing.

Data exchange

A unique aspect of Gallagher's weighing systems is the exchange of data. Whereas other providers only share data from the weigh scale to the program, Gallagher also offers the possibility to send settings back to the weigh scale. For example; you want to separate the lighter animals from the group and feed them extra. You can make this preparation from your office; you then indicate in the Animal Performance Plus web environment that you want to separate the animals lighter than 50kg. From this, a sorting list is compiled, which after synchronisation is loaded into the weigh scale. This is then recognised by the weigh scale, upon which you can draft your animals based on your set criteria.

How does it work?

You can start weighing in two different ways; you purchase wireless loadbars in combination with a weigh scale or the Animal Performance Plus App. Both the weigh scale and the app communicate with the Animal Performance software in the form of a web environment. In both cases, you also need an EID reader to identify the animals and a weighing setup (fences/cage etc.).

This way, you have all weighing results together digitally and conveniently. With the Gallagher Animal Performance software, you can access your herd data from anywhere. You can log in on the weigh scale, smartphone and computer with your account. All devices are connected, so your data is always up-to-date.

Gallagher Animal Performance App

The Gallagher Animal Performance software enables you to access herd data from anywhere. With your account, you can log in to the scale, smartphone and computer. The devices communicate with each other using Wi-Fi so that each device is supplied with the correct data.

Animal Performance Plus is the upgrade to the Gallagher Animal Performance application. Animal Performance Plus takes your administration to the next level with new features:

  • Place animals in herds to track performance. Use herd analysis to set targets and compare and track your animals' progress from your different herds in different plots. 
  • Categorise your animals into groups in any way you like. This allows you to create a more detailed picture to compare traits, activities and life data.
  • Use intensive customised filters for in-depth performance insights and animal management activities. Such as finding the right animals to add to a particular herd, group or sort list.
  • Get the data you need from the app using detailed filter.