Product information "Ring top post (1.00 metre, pack of 10)"

The Ring Top Post is the most popular option for dairy and cattle portable fences.

With a head that won't wear through, a strong footplate that won't bend under pressure and a design that reduces tangling, this post combines more strength with less frustration.

Maximum fence height is 0.80 metre.

Complete with:

Geared reel (500 meters)
Equipped with an accelerator mechanism, so the drum rotates three times faster compared to a standard reel for fast spooling. Carry handle with knuckle guard to protect hands. Locking ratchet. Long crank arm for better leverage. Wire loop for connecting power to wire/tape. Holds up to 500 metres of polywire or 200 metres of tape. Attachable to Reel Stand.

Vidoflex 9 TurboLine Plus (white, duo pack 2x 400 metres)
The best conducting TurboLine plastic wire for portable fencing longer than 500 metres. The 6 stainless steel wires and 3 light metal wires conduct 40 times better than a standard plastic wire. This TurboLine Plus model is over 50% stronger, does not stretch and is even more clearly visible. It comes with a 5-year UV- guarantee.

€189.00* €238.00* (20.59% saved)
Duopack TurboLine tape 12,5mm white 2x400m
12,5mm TurboLine Tape. The horizontal wires are interconnected at 13 cm intervals ensuring better conductivity. 40 times more conductive than standard polytape. Ideal for portable electric fences. Post spacing up to 5m. 200m and 400m rolls. Always use TurboLine tape if fence > 500m.

€94.95* €118.70* (20.01% saved)
Roller bolt-on insulator (5 pcs)
Gallagher Roller bolt- on insulator (5) The roll- angle insulator bolt- on is easy to install, suitable for cord, plastic wire and a metal wire. Can also be used as a roll angle insulator in combination with the reel corner post or an iron fence post. The insulator has a innovative design, making it wire cannot fall off the roll onto metal. This makes the risk of a short circuit very small. The wire length for mounting is approx 40mm and comes with nut and washer.

Reel corner post (3 reels / 3 insulators)
Rust resistant steel, tread- in post (1.25m) for holding three reels for strip grazing and temporary fencing. A support bracket can be purchased separately, for added stability. Comes with a 2- year product warranty.