Product information "Permanent cable / EquiFence (white, 250 metres)"

Fence wire for a permanent horse fence with excellent conductivity. The permanent cable is very safe, clearly visible due to the thick, smooth plastic material, and it does not disturb the appearance of the landscape. There is virtually no risk of injury.

Permanent cable (ø 7.5mm) is hard- wearing fence wire, in current- conducting plastic casing, developed specially for safe horse fences. Because of the carbon lines from the edge to the core, the wire has very good conductivity.

It will last for up to as much as 30 years. It has a 10- year product warranty. Fitting permanent cable requires experience in erecting fences.


  • Diameter mm: 7.5
  • Resistance ohm / meter: 0.035
  • Tensile strength kg: 500
Animal type: Horse
Colour: White, Orange - 4 conducting lines
Diameter (mm): 7,5
High Tensile:
Meters on reel (m): 250
Number of conductors: 1
Recommended fence length (m): > 500
Resistance (Ohm/meter): 0,035
Tensile strength (kg): 500
Voltage at 100 m: 8000V
Voltage at 500m: 7000V
Voltage at 1000 m: 6200V
Voltage at the beginning of the fence: 8000V
Ø Conductors in mm: 2,5
Warranty (years): 10