Product information "MB series 12V Battery Backup system"

The Gallagher battery back- up provides an automatic battery supply when there is no mains supply to the energiser. The product provides ultimate security for businesses where power to the fence is crucial, such as zoos for example. The back- up is easy to install and compatible with all MB i Series and MB/MBS energisers.

Complete with:

Battery 12V/100Ah Premium Turbo AGM - 353x175x190
Gallagher Battery 12V/100Ah Premium Turbo AGM - 353x175x190 Unrivalled quality!! The Gallagher Premium turbo AGM batteries have an extremely low self- discharge, ensuring they last longer than traditional batteries. The battery is delivered filled and charged and can be used immediately. The battery can be charged by using a 12 Volt battery charger. Can also be used with solar panels.

i Series WiFi Gateway Controller
The wifi gateway controller easily connects your iSeries energiser to your smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth. With the free Gallagher Ag Devices app, you can easily check the status of your fence (kV & amp) and receive a notification when a fault occurs. You can also switch the energiser on and off via the app. Via the indicator lights on the controller itself, you can see at a glance check the condition of your fence.

Remote control for the i Series
The i Series Remote Control accurately measures fence voltages and current and finds the exact location of a fence fault quickly and easily. Once the fault is located the energiser can be turned off/ on remotely, to allow safe and convenient fence repair. The remote control is rugged and reliable with a tough, water resistant casing design. Comes with a 2- year product warranty. Read everything about the i Series here

i Series fence monitor solar
This fence monitor for the i Series allows you to monitor a separate area of the fence. In case of a fence failure, you will receive an alert via the external display of your i Series device or in via the app. A total of 6 fence monitors can be connected to one energiser. This device is powered by a solar panel with included internal battery.

Lead out cable XL Red 2,5mm 50m
This earth cable has heavy- duty double insulation for optimum protection. The earth cable is suitable for underground current conduction, for example near gates and passages. The aluminium- coated core has a high tensile strength and its conductivity is 4x better than that of a standard earth cable. This earth cable is also really suitable for long distances.

Earthstake 1,7m with earth clamp (1)
Without a proper Earth System, your energiser will not perform. Always use galvanised earth stakes. Battery Energisers: Earth Stake length 1m c/w clamp. Mains Energisers: Earth Stake length 1,7m c/w clamp. To improve the earthing of Dry- cell battery units use the 0,5m stake (c/w 3m of wire)

Aluminum warning sign EU
This aluminium warning sign is made of anodised aluminium. The text on the sign is particularly clear to read and it is resistant to the elements. The warning sign complies with all the statutory requirements and is printed on both sides. As this warning sign is electrified too, it is unlikely to be stolen.

Lightning diverter
Unique adjustable lightning diverter, suitable for all energisers. Gallagher recommends all permanent energisers should be fitted with a lightning diverter to help protect against lightning damage. Mount the lightning diverter between the fence and the energiser.

Solar assist fence monitor
This article improves the user-friendliness and reliability of your smart i Series fence. It eliminates the need to visit your fence monitors every now and then to change the batteries. The included 4-watt solar panel continuously charges a battery, reducing the need for maintenance.