Product information "Goat net, double pin, 105 cm, 50m"

Complete, all- in- one, easy to use portable

netting for sheep and lambs. Particularly useful for pastures bordered with ditches, as the netting safety contains new born lambs and kid goats.

The kit includes 14 double pin posts fitted to the netting. Dimensions: 50m (length) and 90cm (height). For extra length, simply attach more nets.

Animal type: Goat
Colour netting: Orange
Colour post: Green
Conducting wires: 8
Height (cm): 105
Horizontal wires: 9
Including repairset:
Length netting (m): 50
Number of posts: 14
Pin: Double
Post (1/2 pin): 22107 (2)
Repairset ( 22104
Resistance Ohm/50m: 41