Product information "Aluminised wire (High Tensile) ø2.5 mm (approx. 625 metres)"

Aluminised wire for long permanent cattle and sheep fences with excellent conductivity. Fitting High Tensile wire requires a certain degree of experience in erecting fences.

The special aluminium- zinc alloy prevents any rust forming on the wire. It will last for up to as much as 30 years. High Tensile wire has a 10- year product warranty.


  • Diameter mm: 2.5
  • Resistance ohm / meter: 0.035
  • Tensile strength kg: 500
Animal type: Cattle, Goat, Large game, Pig, Sheep
Colour: Metal
Diameter (mm): 2,5
High Tensile:
Meters on reel (m): 625
Number of conductors: 1
Recommended fence length (m): > 500
Resistance (Ohm/meter): 0,035
Tensile strength (kg): 500
Voltage at 100 m: 8000V
Voltage at 500m: 7800V
Voltage at 1000 m: 7500V
Voltage at the beginning of the fence: 8000V
Ø Conductors in mm: 2,5
Warranty (years): 10