Product information "S230 (B200+30W+75Ah Premium Turbo AGM)"

Gallagher S230 (B200+30W+75Ah Premium Turbo AGM)

The ultimate solar combination: the trusted B200 with 1.45 Joules stored energy (for fences up to 20km), powered by an Premium Turbo AGM battery, that is charged by a 30W solar panel. For a reliable and maintenance free operation for many years.


Complete with:

EU Warning sign (universal)
A highly visible sign that warns that a fence is electrified. Required by law, to be used on an electric fence that is adjacent to a public road. Signs must be spaced 50m apart.

Digital Voltmeter
Supplies exact information on the condition of your fence. Makes targeted trouble shooting very easy and efficient. Auto ON/OFF. Helpful tool for checking earthing system. Prepare for the grazing season, do the Gallagher check

Double mobile earth stake (2x0.5m, including 3 metre cable)
Double 0.5-metre earth stake with conduction comparable to a 1-metre earth stake. Its length and design make its installation and removal much easier. This makes this earth stake an ideal solution for mobile scaring devices powered by 9V battery, 12V battery or solar energy. Made of 8 mm thick galvanised steel. Includes 3-metre cable for direct connection to the energiser.

Fence control
Using this device, you can use SMS messages to switch your energiser on and off, check the voltage of the fence and even track its location. In addition, the device can send alarm notifications to your phone. It is also possible to receive detailed daily information about your fence and the device stores events in an electronic logbook.

ABSAAR battery charger PRO 4.0 Li 4A 6/12V
The ABSAAR Pro 4.0 is a multi- purpose battery charger that can be used for both 6 and 12 Volt batteries. It is also ideal for battery maintenance and can be used to either top up a battery or recharge it from empty. Suitable for all types of batteries, batteries up to 95Ah can be charged and batteries up to 140Ah maintenance charged. It is easy and intuitive to use due to its clearly readable display. The selection of the right voltage and type of battery is done via the mode button and the charging process is then completed automatically. Specifications Supplied accessories: The charger comes with cables with battery clamps (also called crocodile clips) and also the so- called eyelets that you can make a fixed connection to the battery terminals. The charger is then easy to connect and disconnect with a quick connector. Load capacity: The charging capacity of the ABSAAR Pro 4.0 Li gives a maximum charging capacity of 4A for both 6V and 12V batteries. Charging time (indicative): The indicative charging time of an empty 85Ah battery by a battery charger with a capacity of 4A is 23 hours. This is calculated by dividing the battery capacity of 85Ah by the capacity of the battery charger (85/4) and then adding approximately 10% of those hours. Suitable for: This 11- step controlled trickle charger is suitable for 6Volt and 12Volt Gel, AGM, Maintenance Free, Lead acid batteries and 12V LifePo4 Lithium batteries. Cable lengths: Charger to power outlet cable length: 160 cm Length of cable from charger to battery: 50 cm

9V/12V Fence connecting cable set
Cable set to connect a B20, B35, B60, S10 up to S400 to the fence and earth.