Mobile electric fencing

Mobile electric fencing is temporary fencing that is easy to move. It uses light, easy to move posts together with suitable fencing wire and a mobile energiser.

Temporary electric fencing is the ideal solution for dividing your pasture into several smaller plots. It means you can use different types of grazing to obtain maximum yield from your pasture. Here you find the instructions for putting up a mobile fence.

Mobile fence posts

For mobile fencing, you can choose from various fence posts, which differ in height and application. The Horse post, for example, is a good solution for mobile fencing for horses. The Ringtoppost is extremely suitable to divide fields into multiple paddocks.

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Temporary fencing for cattle

Mobile fencing is commonly used as an aid for grazing cattle. The temporary solution is easy to use in combination with many types of strip grazing, rotational grazing or controlled grazing. Using strip grazing enables you to get the best possible yield from your pasture. Gallagher provides several solutions, such as the ringtop post and the tumble wheel. For more information about mobile fencing for cattle, please visit page about temporary fencing for cattle.

Mobile fencing for horses

Temporary fencing for horses is a good way of dividing a larger paddock into smaller plots. You can keep several animals alongside each other, without them being able to get close. Temporary fencing can also be used for different types of grazing, including strip grazing. When you select mobile fencing for horses, it is important that the posts are of the correct height, for example see the horse post. The wire must also be suitable for horses. For more information about mobile fencing for horses, please take a look at page about temporary fencing for horses.

Temporary fencing for sheep

Mobile fencing for sheep in contrast to other grazing animals, sheep are out grazing nearly all year round. Herds often change pasture, making mobile fencing a suitable solution. You could choose fencing nets for sheep, but Gallagher also has an all-in-1 system, the SmartFence. Aside from the type of fencing you select, the energiser is also extremely important. Wool insulates and makes sheep a little less sensitive to current than other animals. A power energiser is important. For more information about temporary fencing for sheep, please visit page about mobile fencing for sheep.