Install a mobile fence

A mobile fence is an effective fence for temporary use. It can be made suitable for all types of animals by making use of one of the many options available from our product range. We would like to help you by explaining the most common solutions for mobile fencing.

Install a single wire mobile fence Install mobile fence multiple wire Installation of rationed grazing with tumble wheel

Install a single wire mobile fence

Step 1: Hook the gate grip onto a reel corner post or similar post;
Step 2: Carry the wire reel and posts with you and unroll the wire, putting up a post every 10m;
Step 3: Hook the wire reel onto the reel corner post and tension the wire; Step 4: Put the power on by using a battery or battery energiser or connecting the fence to an existing permanent electric fence.

Install mobile fence multiple wire

Step 1: Wind the wire (conductor) around the reels and fasten the gate grip at the end.
Step 2: Put the reel corner post into place and attach the reels.
Step 3: Move the reel lock upwards, take hold of the wires and walk to the other side / the end of the fence. There you attach the wires to the other reel corner post, which acts as the last post. The wires have not yet been tightened; we are going to place the mobile posts first.
Step 4: Take the mobile posts in your hand and place one post every 10m. Hook the wires onto the post at the required height. The Gallagher Vario post, stirrup post and sheep post have numbers, so that you can remember the wire heights. The mobile posts have now been placed, and the wires can be tightened.
Step 5: Take the reel by the flanges and so tighten the wires. Lock the reel.
Step 6: By means of a multi reel cable set (006345) you connect the wires / reels to one another and connect the wires to the fence energiser. A multifunctional, very simple system.

Required products

Installation of rationed grazing with tumble wheel

The Gallagher Fence Spider makes this ‘moving’ fence extremely suitable for rationed grazing. It can be moved in no time at all. The fence spiders function as fence posts. The plastic wire, which has been rolled around a reel, is attached in the middle. One person can move the fence by simply moving the reel. The six-legged spider has two feet on the ground - without power - while the other four will deliver a shock when touched. This is a rationed grazing system that’s both simple and effective.

Fence spider (Tumblewheel) (pack of 5)
Move an entire fence within minutes using tumblewheels. The strip grazing system, saves time and is easy to use and leads to reduced grazing cycles and higher yields. Maximum fence height: 0.78m.