Product information "Quickweigh kit 1000/W0"

Quickweigh kit 1000/W0

W- 0 Weigh Scale

Monitor livestock weights to gain insights into how your stock are performing. With simple installation, easy to use design and Bluetooth connectivity to the Gallagher Animal Performance mobile app the W- 0 Weigh Scale is the ideal solution for farmers wanting to start monitoring their livestock weights.

Record livestock weights from your W- 0 Weigh Scale straight to your Animal Performance mobile app in real time. You can also add a Gallagher Handheld EID reader* to scan animal ID numbers straight to the app, linking them to animal weights to track an individual?animal’s performance over its lifetime.

*Animal Performance Plus subscription required for EID scanning

2500kg Loadbars - 1000mm

Made with fully galvanised, corrosion resistant steel, with load cells that are protected, fully waterproof and contain no moving parts, ensuring accurate weights, year after year.

2500kg Load Bars are designed to securely fit most livestock platforms and are also suitable for sheep crates and wool press weighing. Fitted with load bar cables coated in stainless steel springs for protection against impact and chewing rodents, these load bars are designed to stand the test of time.