Product information "Poultry Kit incl. B60 fence energizer (12V)"

A complete kit for setting up 50 metres of electric netting 44" (112cm) to keep your poultry in and protect them against predators. Installing is made easy due to a step by step manual.

The kit includes:

- B60 (12 V)

- Poultry netting

- Double spike

- 112 cm (50 m)

- Earth peg,

- Warning sign


Complete with:

Poultry netting, green, single pin, 112cm, 25m
This chicken netting is a user- friendly and complete solution for housing chickens. The netting is 25m long, comes with 9 posts of 1.12m high and a single ground pin. The chicken netting is easy to erect and can be connected with other nets. The netting is green. Specifications: Resistance: 33 ohm/ 50 m Height (cm): 109 Length (m): 25 Weight (kg): 5.98

Poultry netting, green, single pin, 112cm, 50m
Do you have chickens that need to be moved regularly? This chicken netting is the ideal solution. It is user- friendly, complete, and has a total length of 50m. The netting includes 15 posts with single pin that have been incorporated into the netting. Several nets are easy to connect together. Specifications: Resistance: 33 ohm/50 m Height (cm): 109 Length (m): 50 Weight (kg): 9.45

Poultry netting, single pin, 112cm, 50m
An all- in- one poultry net is an ideal solution if you need to move your chickens frequently. The netting fence is easy to set up and move. The kit includes 15 single pin posts fitted to the netting. Dimensions: 50m (length) and 112cm (height). For extra length, simply attach more nets.

Neon Tester
Gallagher Neon Tester This fence tester allows you to quickly and easily measure the voltage on your fence. Its compact size makes it easy to keep on hand at all times. The device uses five lights to indicate a measurement range of 2kV to 10kV.