Product information "Goodnature Professional Rat and Mousetrap Kit"

The Goodnature Professional rat trap kit is a poison-free trap that quickly and painlessly controls rats and mice. The walk-in trap can be used both indoors and outdoors. After the trap goes off, the rodent does not get stuck and the trap automatically resets itself 24x. This allows you to catch multiple rats or mice without having to reset the trap. Through the free Goodnature app, you can see how often the trap has been set off and when the CO2 canister and lure needs to be replaced. You can also receive a notification when the trap has gone off. In the app, you can manage multiple traps. This eliminates the need to visually inspect each trap on a daily basis.

The kit includes a robust box that keeps the trap and dead rodents out of sight and out of reach of curious pets and children, and is locked with a key. The box can be screwed to a wall. This makes this kit a very secure solution with minimal risk of theft. In addition, the kit includes an extra CO2 canister, 2 lure pumps, a tray where you can apply your own lure and a holder to mount the trap to a tree, wall or other standing object.