Product information "Gallagher M950 mains fence energiser (230 V) + Free Voltmeter"

The M950 from the special edition range is a powerful mains energiser that is suitable for long multiwire fencing with a length of up to 42 km. The energiser is maintenance- free and easy to operate. The energiser has a LED bar on the front that shows the energiser's performance. It also has a built-in lightning conductor.

+ Free Voltmeter!


  • Maximum output voltage (V): 7700
  • Charging energy (J): 9
  • Maximum impulse energy (J): 6.1
  • Number of earthing rods required: 4 x 2 m
  • Multiwire distance – ideal conditions (km): 42
  • Multiwire distance – light growth (km): 31
  • Multiwire distance – recommended (km): 11
  • Fence surface (ha) (recommended): 38


Animal type: Cattle, Goat, Horse, Large game, Pig, Sheep, Small game
Output with 500 Ohm (V): 7700
Voltage with 100 Ohm (V): 3800
Stored Energy (J): 9
Output Energy (J): 6,1
Single Wire Fence distance - Ideal conditions (km): 125
Multi (2) Wire Fence distance - Ideal conditions (km): 42
Multi (2) Wire Fence distance - Light conditions (km) : 31
Multi (3) Wire Fence distance - Recommended (km): 11
Grid area (Hec/Acre) : 38/95
Maximum output Voltage: 7700
Avg. power cons.(W): 11
Alarm-indicator-LED Earth voltage: -
Device indicator light On/Off:
Adaptive Control:
Delay with load (Timedelay) :
Security with short-circuit:
Built-in lightning diverter:
Advised Bentonite Super Earth Kit (number of buckets): 2
Recommended number of earth stakes: 5x1,7m
IPX classification: IPX4
Warranty (years): 3
Weight (Kg): 2,8

Complete with:

Aluminum warning sign EU
This aluminium warning sign is made of anodised aluminium. The text on the sign is particularly clear to read and it is resistant to the elements. The warning sign complies with all the statutory requirements and is printed on both sides. As this warning sign is electrified too, it is unlikely to be stolen.

Lightning diverter
Unique adjustable lightning diverter, suitable for all energisers. Gallagher recommends all permanent energisers should be fitted with a lightning diverter to help protect against lightning damage. Mount the lightning diverter between the fence and the energiser.

Earthstake 1,7m with earth clamp (1)
Without a proper Earth System, your energiser will not perform. Always use galvanised earth stakes. Battery Energisers: Earth Stake length 1m c/w clamp. Mains Energisers: Earth Stake length 1,7m c/w clamp. To improve the earthing of Dry- cell battery units use the 0,5m stake (c/w 3m of wire)

Ground cable ø2.5mm (25 metres) - 35 Ohm/1km
Ground cable is used to connect the energiser to the fence and the earth rods. The cable is also used to make underground fence connections, for instance, under gates or openings. This 2.5mm ground cable should be used for distances of more than 30 metres*. The handy metre marks on the cable, makes set up easy as the measuring is done for you. *For distances less than 30 metres then 1.6mm ground cable is recommended.

Cut out switch
By using a switch, you can divide your fence into several sections and switch them on and off independently of each other. This will also help you trace any faults that occur.

Fence control
Using this device, you can use SMS messages to switch your energiser on and off, check the voltage of the fence and even track its location. In addition, the device can send alarm notifications to your phone. It is also possible to receive detailed daily information about your fence and the device stores events in an electronic logbook.