Product information "Electrified ring top post (10)"

This ring top post is itself electrified, preventing animals from pushing it over or rubbing against it. This can lead to entanglement or loss of valuable crops that should not have been grazed. The white part at the top of the post and the base are insulated to allow movement. The wire height of with this post is 0.85 metres. By adding an extra insulator, art 086283, this post is also suitable for a second conductor. This can be a godsend when you want to graze cows with calves. The foot of this post is made of extremely strong plastic, even stronger than a metal foot, and therefore suitable for harder surfaces. Finally, the curl at the top of the post is designed so that the conductor is easy to fit, without having to touch it, and the posts do not become entangled when lying in a heap. Suitable for wire and tape up to 20 mm.

Animal type: Cat