Product information "Blue Polywire 400m"

Blue polywire specially developed to keep wild animals out, in specific wild boars. Studies show that wild boars have poor eyesight and primarily see the color blue. Keep your crops safe by using this highly conductible wire.


  • Diameter mm: 3
  • No. of stainless steel wires: 0
  • No. of tinned copper wires: 3
  • Resistance ohm / meter: 0.06
  • Tensile strength kg: 105
Animal type: Large game, Small game
Colour: Blue
Diameter (mm): 3
Duopack: -
Meters on reel (m): 400
Number of plastic (nylon) wires: 21
Number of stainless steel wires: -
Number of tinned copper wires: 3
Recommended fence length (m): > 500
Resistance (Ohm/meter): 0,06
Tensile strength (kg): 105
UV warranty (Years): 3
Voltage at 100 m: 7800V
Voltage at 500m: 7000V
Voltage at 1000 m: 6400V
Voltage at the beginning of the fence: 8000V
Ø plastic nylon wires (mm): 0,38
Ø stainless steel wires (mm): -
Ø tinned copper wires (mm): 0,25