Product information "Aluminised wire (Medium Tensile) ø1.8 mm (approx. 500 metres)"

Aluminised wire for long, semi- permanent fences. This wire makes it easy to erect a fence. Medium Tensile wire can be bent more easily than High Tensile wire, which means it is very easy to install. It has a 10- year product warranty.


  • Diameter mm: 1.8
  • Resistance ohm / meter: 0.050
  • Tensile strength kg: 250
Animal type: Cattle, Goat, Large game, Pig, Sheep
Colour: Metal
Diameter (mm): 1,8
Medium Tensile:
Meters on reel (m): 500
Number of conductors: 1
Recommended fence length (m): > 500
Resistance (Ohm/meter): 0,067
Tensile strength (kg): 250
Voltage at 100 m: 8000V
Voltage at 500m: 7600V
Voltage at 1000 m: 7100V
Voltage at the beginning of the fence: 8000V
Ø Conductors in mm: 1,8
Warranty (years): 10

Complete with:

Wire tensioner (pack of 25)
Use of this unique tensioner means that the wire does not have to be cut to strain it. Consequently, the power in the wire will be uninterrupted. Strong, lightweight, rust resistant construction. Can be used to join wires.

Wire tensioner (pack of 3)
Fits over wire for mid- fence tensioning, increasing the effectiveness of the strain by pulling in both directions. No need to cut the fence wire so power in the fence is maintained. The tensioner can also be used to repair a broken wire. Strong, lightweight and made from rust resistant aluminium the tensioner has a 10 year warranty.

Insulated End Strainer (20)
The wire tensioner has a streamlined design with super- strong polycarbonate to prevent rust. A wire clamp is integrated into the design to facilitate fitting connectors or an earth cable.

End tensioner kit (pack of 2)
A complete kit to make it easy to tension or release aluminium and Hi- tensile wire or EquiFence using a socket, spanner or tensioner handle. No other tools are required to fit the end tensioners to a wooden post. Comes with a 2 year warranty period.