Weidezaunpfähle - Fest

Weidezaunpfähle für permanente Zäune für viele Tierarten. Der isolierte Line post ist aufgrund seiner Mobilität auch für semipermanente Elektrozäune geeignet. Der Ecophal hält bis zu 30 Jahre und hat die garantierte Stärke und Langlebigkeit, die für permanente Zäune erforderlich ist. Insultimber (FSC®) Pfähle haben außerdem eine 3x längere Lebensdauer als Standard-Holzpfosten, sind mit einem FSC®-Siegel versehen und werden mit einer 10-jährigen Garantie geliefert. Außerdem benötigen sie keine Isolatoren. Der Glasfaserpfahl ist ein äußerst anpassungsfähiger, einfach zu installierender Phal, der in tragbaren, semi-permanenten und permanenten Zäunen verwendet werden kann.

Make sure that when erecting a permanent fence, the corner posts are placed in a 5-degree angle away from the tensioning direction. Due to the tensioning strength of the wire, the corner posts will always slightly bend towards the direction of the wire. By placing the corner posts in a 5-degree angle away from the wire, you will counter this and your fence will remain tensioned properly.

Eco post

Eco posts are plastic posts. Due to the X shape of the posts they will sit securely in the ground and insulators are not needed as the posts are self-insulated. The Eco posts are made of 100% recycled material and will last up to 30 years! The posts have pre-drilled holes on preferred heights, so the conductor can be easily installed.


Insultimber posts are wooden posts. The lifespan of a 'normal' wooden post is 5 to 10 years, whereas the Insultimber posts will last up to 30 years! They are self-insulated, so no need to use insulators. The Insultimber posts have the FSC quality mark. They are available in corner- and intermediate posts.

Line post

The insulated Line post is a unique and long-lasting post for semi-permanent and permanent fencing. It is available in different heights and there are several accessories you can add. The posts are lightweight, easy to install, and self-insulated so no insulators are needed. The conductors can be easily placed with the use of the specifically designed clips. With a simple click, the clips are attached. The wire height can be varied to your specific needs.

Line Post offers many advantages for permanent fencing. By using the Universal Post Lifter in combination with the Line Post Lifter Adapter you can easily take the Line Post out of the ground, making it also very suitable for semi-permanent fencing. See everything about the Line Post below.

The spacing between posts can be doubled when making use of tension springs in your fence. The tension spring will make sure that your conductor will remain tense in both warm and cold weather. When using springs the distance between posts may be doubled, saving money when purchasing posts. Also, the corner posts will have less strain, so it will save time in maintaining your fence.