Leitermaterial für elektrische Weidezäune

Auf den Stromleiter kommt es bei einem Elektrozaun entscheidend an. Darin fließt der Strom durch den Zaun. Auch wenn die Leiter ähnlich aussehen, weisen sie erhebliche Unterschiede in Preis und Qualität auf. Auch im Gebrauch sind sie unterschiedlich. Das Gallagher-Sortiment bietet Breitband, Cord, Kunststoff-Draht, Equifence und High Tensile - alle unterschiedlich in Leitfähigkeit, Nachhaltigkeit und Entwurf. Wählen Sie darum den richtigen Leiter für Ihre Anwendung!

What are conductors

A conductor is a conductive wire that carries the current in a fence, ensuring that there is always voltage on the enclosure. The conductor is an essential component of an electric fence, and it is necessary to electrify your fence. The benefits of an electric fence are numerous, and they depend on a good conductor. Therefore, it's important to know which conductor is most suitable for your situation. Buying conductors from Gallagher ensures quality!

Types of conductors

When you want to purchase a conductor for your enclosure, it's important to know which type of conductor is best suited for your situation. Gallagher offers many different types and sizes of conductors. Even though conductors may look similar, there is a significant difference in price and quality among them. Moreover, they have distinct uses. The Gallagher assortment includes not only electric fence wire but also other conductors, such as electric cord, electric tape, polywire, Equifence conductors, and High Tensile fence wire. Each of these differs in conductivity, durability, and design. Discover everything about electric fencing and choose the right conductor for your application!

Electric cord

Electric cord is a conductor suitable for (semi-)permanent enclosures. A cord has the advantage of being more visible than wire, reducing the chances of animals coming into contact with it. Electric cord can be used for all types of animals, but it is specifically suitable for horse enclosures. It is easy to install and maintain.

Electric tape

Electric tape is a very safe conductor because of its high visibility. It also has a relatively low breaking strength, reducing the risk of injuries if an animal breaks through the enclosure. Tape is suitable for both mobile enclosures (up to 20 mm) and permanent enclosures.

Electric fence wire

Polywire with stainless steel wires is the most commonly used type of electric fencing. It can be used for mobile enclosures and is suitable for nearly all animal species except horses. Plastic fencing is easy to install and can be tensioned by hand. The blue wire is specially designed for wild animals because they can see the color blue better at night.

High-Tensile electric fencing

High-Tensile electric fencing by Gallagher is a durable solution made of galvanized wire for your permanent enclosure for livestock or wildlife. It is the safest and most durable option for livestock and wildlife with optimal conductivity. A unique feature is its lifespan: with proper installation and maintenance, it can last up to 25 years. Installing High-Tensile requires the right knowledge and tools, making it a task for experienced fence builders.

Which fencing is suitable for my animal?

For each type of animal, a different type of enclosure is suitable. Gallagher has designed special Equifence wire for horses, and the High-Tensile conductor is not suitable for horses but is ideal for pasture fencing for sheep or cows. Want to know more about electric fencing for your type of animal? Discover everything about electric fencing for horses, cows, sheep, and other animals.

How does electric fencing work?

Electric fencing is highly effective in keeping your animals within a fenced area. It is used for fences in which your animal must stay inside, as the wire is electrically energised. Contact with this electric wire causes a shock reaction, after which the animal will avoid the wire and stay in the enclosure. Using an electric fence energizer, you electrify your fence with electric fencing.

How long does electric fencing last?

Gallagher's electric fencing is known for its long product life. However, the lifespan of electric fencing depends on several factors. Each type of conductor has a different lifespan. Read more about the different types of electric fencing. Maintenance of an electric fence also plays a role in its lifespan. Electric fencing must always be properly tensioned.

How should I test electric fencing?

It is essential to test your fence occasionally to ensure there are no short circuits in your enclosure. To test your electric fencing, you can use one of Gallagher's electric fence testers. This way, you can be sure that your electric fencing is working correctly!

How do I connect electric fencing?

After selecting your electric fencing, it's time to install an enclosure. Several things are crucial when installing an enclosure, such as the length of your electric fencing. You want enough wire for your entire enclosure. Don't forget to connect an electric fence energizer, which provides the voltage for the electric fencing. Installing electric fencing is quick and easy with Gallagher; we'll guide you through the process!

Electric fencing accessories

In addition to selecting the right electric fencing for your situation, you can use various electric fencing accessories. Gallagher also offers a wide range of electric fence insulators. Our range of electric fence insulators matches the conductors we offer, so there are insulators for tape, cord, plastic wire, Equifence, and galvanized wire. A electric fence reel can also be adapted to the type of conductor, which is ideal for a mobile enclosure. Prefer an all-in-one system for a mobile enclosure, such as for sheep? Take a look at our fencing nets.

High Tensile electric cord

High Tensile electric cord by Gallagher is a durable solution made of galvanized wire for your permanent enclosure for livestock or wildlife. It is the safest and most durable option for livestock and wildlife with optimal conductivity, lasting up to 20 to 25 years.

What is Gallagher electric fencing for?

At Gallagher, we understand that electric fencing plays a crucial role in every electric fencing system. Regardless of the specific purpose and use of your fence, it consists of three essential components that work together to make your enclosure functional and effective. Choosing the right conductors is crucial for the performance and durability of your electric fencing.

Let's delve deeper into these essential components:

Fence Posts:

These posts form the mechanical foundation of your enclosure and provide sturdy support for the conductors. At Gallagher, we understand that the quality of the posts is essential for the stability and durability of your enclosure. Therefore, we offer high-quality fence posts specially designed to withstand various weather conditions and terrains.

Electric Fence Energizer:

An electric fence must be equipped with a reliable electric fence energizer. This device, which can operate on mains power, battery, or solar energy, delivers the necessary electrical energy and voltage to the system, electrifying the fence. At Gallagher, we offer various electric fence energizers with different specifications to meet your specific needs.

Electric Fencing:

Our electric fencing enclosures are incomplete without high-quality conductors. These conductors play a crucial role in guiding the current throughout the entire enclosure and are essential for creating an effective electrical barrier. But which conductor is suitable for your situation?

At Gallagher, we offer an extensive range of electric fencing to meet different needs:

Electric fence Tape:

This type of electric fencing is ideal for large and permanent electric fences. Our tape comes in various widths and is suitable for different enclosures, from short to long distances. It offers high visibility and durability.


These conductors combine non-conductive plastic wires with metal wires for high conductivity and flexibility. They are suitable for various applications and terrains.

Electric fence Cord:

Our cords are lightweight, easy to handle, and can be used with various insulators. They are ideal for mobile or temporary enclosures.

Electric fence Metal:

For durable and stable enclosures, we offer metal wire options, including aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. These conductors are highly conductive and suitable for permanent enclosures.

At Gallagher, we understand that the choice of electric fencing depends on your specific needs and the type of enclosure you want to create. Whether you need a long, robust permanent enclosure for your farm, a mobile electric fence for temporary grazing, or another application, our range provides the right conductors for your project.

Trust Gallagher's products for quality, durability, and reliability in your electric fencing system. We are ready to help you choose the ideal electric fencing for your specific needs.