Electric fence energisers

My device is not working, what should I do?
Check the device separately from the fence, if all values are good, check your fence for short circuits (broken insulators, vegetation, etc...) and check your earthing system. You can use the Gallagher Check page for this. If the device then still does not work, check the fuse; if it is faulty, replace it with another of the same type.

The device does not give enough power, what to do?
Check the device separately from the fence; if all values are good, check your fence for short circuits (broken insulators, vegetation, etc...) and check your earthing system. You can use the Gallagher Check page for this. If the device then still does not work, check the fuse; if it is faulty, replace it with another of the same type. If the device still does not work, download the repair form on the support site and have the device collected for repair by Gallagher Europe.

Is there a device where the strength of the shock can be regulated?
With the I-series energisers, you can set the device to half strength.

My M300/600/1200 works at half power (yellow button), but if there is a short circuit, the display indicates that it works at full power.
The display cannot indicate that it is operating at half power.

My Gallagher device gives interference on radio/TV. What can I do about this?
Our devices are protected by the most modern standards and should not cause any interference. Such interference can have two causes. The earthing cable is in poor condition or not connected. Improve the earthing and check the connection. For more info on checking the fence, please use the Gallagher check page.

Fencing General

Can I use my fence device for barbed wire?
No, you cannot. It is forbidden by law to put current on barbed wire. However, it is possible to use remote insulators for electric fencing in addition to barbed wire. Barbed wire is a steel wire or fence with sharp points on it. Used to make cheap fencing or secure buildings. It is not advisable to use barbed wire when keeping animals as it can seriously injure your animals. So it is better not to use barbed wire and certainly do not put tension on it.

What exactly is meant by fence length?
Total length of fence x number of wires

How high should I fence for different types of animals?
You can find the overview per animal type on Advice & Inspiration.


What type of earth stake can I use?
It is best to use a galvanised earth stake. A copper one will rust quickly and thus lose its effect quickly.

Why is the required earthing different for each fence device?
When the circuit is complete by something or someone touching the fence, it is necessary that all the energy generated by the energiser is also conducted back through the earthing to have a properly functioning fence. This is why it is sometimes necessary to insert several earth pins. A hobby device can function with just 1 earth stake because less energy passes through the system. A powerful device generates a lot of energy that cannot be fed back through 1 earth stake; therefore, several earth stakes are needed here.

What is meant by reference earthing?
This checks the quality of the earthing system. An additional earth pin is necessary to measure the voltage of the earthing system. If the reference earth is not connected, the earth voltage display will show 0.0. Keep in mind that if your earthing is almost perfect, it might also indicate 0.0. To make sure your earthing is fine, measure the voltage at the earth pin itself, it should also read 0.0.

Why do I need special ground cable for a grounding system?
Special ground cable has a core of galvanised wire and is double insulated, which prevents short circuits. External influences (disturbances) thus have less impact on the fence.

What is the difference between 1.6 - 2.5 and 2.7 mm ground cable? 
Resistance. The thinner the core, the higher the resistance. 2.7mm has a smaller resistance which is ideal for transporting energy over longer distances underground. If the distance to the fence is 25 metres or more, always use 2.5mm or 2.7mm.


Why is the XDI such a special product?
The XDI is stronger thanks to new technology. It is more robust thanks to its metal core. The risk of short circuits is virtually zero thanks to the new design. The orange PVC part acts as a wear indicator.

What is the difference between the ordinary fixing wires and the plasticised ones?
The plasticised clips allow you to attach cord to an ecopost or insultimber post.

What is the difference between a normal and a corner insulator?
Corner insulators are stronger because they have to withstand more force.

What is the difference between a PowerLine and a TurboLine insulator?
The quality of the TurboLine insulator is even better.

What are the advantages of the new TurboLine horse insulator?
Isolator with soft cushions that hold the tape between 2 rubber parts (patented system). The tape is fixed in 1 click which prevents wear and tear. Guaranteed long life. An additional screw can be used to tighten the insulator even more.


What are the advantages of an insultimber post?
This post made from a special type of wood has the characteristic of being 100% self-insulating; meaning no insulators are needed and that post is exceptionally high quality. This saves costs on installation.

What are the advantages of an eco bollard?
The plastic eco bollard is made of 100% recycled material (polypropylene). This material and the cross profile guarantee iron quality. The cross profile also ensures that the bollard remains firmly in the ground. One only needs to use fixing wires to secure it. The holes are pre-drilled at the usual heights and the posts are guaranteed for 10 years.

What are the advantages of the Insulated Line Post?
The Line post has the advantage of being easy to install yourself without needing expert help. The posts are self-insulating and the desired guides can easily be attached at more than 10 different heights. In addition, the post's glass-felt core makes it very safe, as it yields (and does not break) should an animal in distress collide with it. The Line post can be reused, is guaranteed for 10 years and has an expected lifespan of 25 years!

Why are no insulators needed with insultimber or eco poles?
These poles are 100% self-insulating; so they do not require additional insulators to fix the wire.

What is the difference between an insultimber bollard and an insultimber batting?
Bollards are used where there is tension on the wire, such as a corner. Batting is used in places where only distance and height need to be kept. There is no tension on the batting.


 What is the difference between steel wire and twined steel wire?
 Gallagher High Tensile wire has specific properties and a minimum product warranty of 10 years. It is a special alloy of 95% zinc and 5% aluminium. Gallagher High Tensile wire therefore has a greater tensile strength (500) than twined steel wire (65). The resistance of Gallagher HT wire is much lower (35ohm/km) than that of twined steel wire (120ohm/km). As a result, the performance and service life of Gallagher High Tensile are optimal.

What is the difference between 1.6 and 2.5mm steel wire?
The resistance. The 2.5mm wire has less resistance and better conductivity.

What is Gallagher HT wire made of?
It is a special alloy of 95% zinc and 5% aluminium.

Why is Gallagher Permanent Cable/Equifence such a special product?
Permanent cable/Equifence is an elastic cable with a galvanised core. The 3mm thick coating protects the horses from the galvanised core. The plastic cable conducts the current thanks to the 3 karbon lines that are in direct contact with the core.

What is the difference between PowerLine and TurboLine?
The TurboLine conductors have a mix of stainless steel and copper wires for an effective balance between maximum conductivity and long life. The conductivity is 40x better than that of a standard conductor. They can be recognised by the TurboLine logo. The PowerLine conductors have wires of mixed metal. Thus, the conductor has better conductivity, extending its life span and increasing the safety of your animals.


How can I connect several nets together?
With the connections provided, you can connect nets together. With the supplied connections.

What is the conductivity of the different grids?
Between 30 - 45Ω p/m for most grids. 0.07 Ω for the turbo grids.

What does double pin mean for certain nets?
More stability for the poles in the ground.

Which device can I use for how many nets?
How many nets you can connect to one device depends on your situation. It depends, among other things, on the vegetation of your meadow: is it high, low or medium? The way your fence is earthed, which device you use and which animals your fence is intended for also have an impact on the number of nets.

What is the difference between single and double pen nets?
Nets with a double pin have more stability, otherwise there are no differences. More stability with the double peg, no other differences.


My Digital Voltmeter indicates 'LO', but I cannot find any faults in the fence.

If the DVM indicates 'LO', it means that the battery of the DVM itself is low. This message has nothing to do with the condition of the fence. Replace the battery in the DVM (9V battery : 9V MN 1604 6LR61)

How does the Smartfix / Faultfinder work?
The smartfix / Faulthfinder has special features. It is a combination of a volt and voltage meter. It is easy to use to test the fence and detect faults. See also the product page with detailed manual for more info.

Can I use my Smartfix / Faultfinder with any Gallagher device?
You use the Smartfix on the fence. It is suitable for any fence, from smooth wire to ribbon. Never use the Smartfix to measure the current directly on the device, but at least 10 metres from the device. If your fence is well insulated, at least 3000V should appear.

What is the difference between a Smartfix / Faultfinder and a Digital Voltmeter?
A DVM only measures volts. The Smartfix also measures amps.

How does a live fence indicator or Fence Control Light work?
It is attached to the fence and lights up with every impulse of the device. You can see from a distance whether the device is working. No batteries are needed.

General questions

Do you also sell locks for Security grids?
No, we only have anti-theft boxes to protect energiser and battery.

 What are the main differences between Gallagher & Pulsara products?
 Gallagher is an A-brand and Pulsara a B-brand. Gallagher has higher quality and Pulsara is a price fighter.