Weighing & Electronical Identification of animals

You can't manage what you don't measure

Weighing of animals is an essential component for better decision making on a livestock farm. A scale or ear tag reader is the perfect tool to support you in this regard. The investment you make will pay for itself in a relatively short time. Weighing by eye will never be accurate and reliable!

The importance of weighing and electronical identification

  • Better control of feed costs 
  • More accurate use of medication 
  • Early detection of diseases 
  • Ability to make accurate management decisions 
  • Steering for better business results

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The right solutions for your needs

Discover everything you need to start weighing

Weigh Scales

Why wait to weigh

Weighing livestock is a fundamental part of managing and monitoring your animals, whether you have 5 or 500 animals. Accurately weighing your animals not only helps you monitor health and performance, but it also provides you with a powerful tool for making decisions.

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Loadbars for livestock

Loadbars are an absolutely essential component if you want to start weighing your animals. The loadbars are mounted under a platform or other flat surface that the animal walks on. The weights are then transferred from the bars to the scale's display. Depending on your animal species, you will need different loadbars for heavier weights.

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The launch of Gallagher Animal Performance completes the Gallagher Weighing & EID ecosystem, delivering an all-in-one, integrative hardware and cloud-based software solution that delivers meaningful insights across a seamless, but intuitive interface.

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EID Readers

With an EID reader, you can read the ear tags of your animals and then store them or link them to your weighing equipment. By scanning individual ear tags, you can add notes per animal and keep track of how the individual is doing.

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Our latest innovation

The wireless weigh

Wireless LoadbarsEliminate the most common failure point in traditional loadbars - the cables.

Wireless Loadbars

Eliminate the most common failure point in traditional loadbars - the cables.

Weighing your livestock has never been easier - connect directly to a Gallagher Weigh Scale or turn your phone into a Weigh Scale with the Animal Performance Mobile App. With multiple sizes for all weighing set ups, ‘the wireless weigh’ offers a solution for all livestock farmers.

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Animal Performance App

For web and mobile

Animal Performance completes your Gallagher Weighing & EID system. Take control of your data with a fully connected solution that allows you to track animal performance, make better decisions and grow your profit

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