Tips for maintaining and storing your electric fence

Maintenance is essential to extend the life of your fence. This applies to all kinds and types of fencing. Whether it is tape, cord or high tensile, your fence needs proper maintenance.
Our experience shows that a Gallagher fence installed properly can last up to 30 years. The fence should be checked regularly. When maintenance is required, we recommend that you do it immediately. When is maintenance required? You can check this with the Gallagher check.
Tip: Will your animals stay outside all winter? Then check your entire fence to make sure it is in good condition

Storing energisers

When temporarily not using your fence in winter, it is best to switch off your energiser and store it. There are slight differences per type of energiser:

Storing 230V devices
These energiser devices are best switched off, with the plug out of the socket. You can choose to take the device off the wall and spruce it up. But if your device is hanging in a safe, dry and sheltered place, you can also leave it hanging outside.

Storing battery devices 9V/12V
With battery devices, it is best to disconnect the battery from the energiser. Depending on the type of battery you use, it is best to store it on a charger. You cannot charge 9V batteries, 12V batteries can. This can be done with a special charger that is available separately. Charging not only ensures that the battery is immediately ready for use, but also extends the life of the battery itself.

TIP: Put your battery on a trickle charger when you are no longer using it. Do check the voltages of your battery first and whether it is suitable for charging.

Cleaning up solar devices

With solar devices, there are 2 different options for clearing your device:

Option 1: You set the button of the energiser to 'off'. You leave the battery connected in the device. Place the energiser in a dry and safe place where the solar panel can still catch daylight. For example, in front of a window in the shed. In this way, the battery is constantly recharged slowly, preventing it from running empty and breaking down.
Option 2: You remove the battery from the device and connect it to a suitable charger. Here, pay close attention to whether or how much voltage your battery is. The charger you choose should match the voltage of the battery.

Storing electric fence nets

Storing the nets in a dry and tidy place makes them last longer and makes them ready for the next season. We would be happy to give you tips and advice on how best to look after your fencing to extend its life. 

Checking your fence? Do the Gallagher check!

As an animal lover, you want to be confident that your animals will stay safe in their pasture and not have to deal with animals breaking out. It is therefore important to check your fence to make sure it is working optimally. Spring, for example, is a perfect time to carry out this check for a fresh start to the new grazing season. But regular checks are also very important during the grazing season! For an easy check of your fence, we have developed the Gallagher Check. Thanks to the step-by-step instructions, you can easily check your own fencing at home, without spending too much time. Watch the video of the Gallagher Check or download the Gallagher Check (pdf) so that you have all the information at hand and can go through it step by step at your leisure. After the check, you can be sure that your fence is in good working order and ready for the grazing season!