Product information "Wolf netting, orange, double pin, 120cm, pos/neg system, 50m"
Fencing netting to protect your animals against wolves, with a plus/min connection. This means that the wires are connected alternately to the plus and minus pole of the energiser. If 2 wires are touched at the same time, the animal experiences a strong, brief shock. This system guarantees full voltage, even on surfaces where earthing is tricky. The netting has 14 posts with a double pin, it is 1.20m high, 50m long and extremely easy to use.

 - Type of use: wolf
- Color netting: orange
- Resistance: 41 ohm/50 m
- Height (cm): 120 - Length (m): 50
- Weight (kg): 7,6
Animal type: Wolf
Colour netting: Orange
Colour post: Green
Conducting wires: 9
Height (cm): 120
Horizontal wires: 10
Including repairset:
Length netting (m): 50
Number of posts: 14
Pin: Double
Post (1/2 pin): 084210 (2)
Repairset ( 22104
Resistance Ohm/50m: 62/pos - 14/neg