Installation tips

Risk of flooding
Create passages while retaining current

Tip 1: Risk of flooding at the location of your electric fence?

Is there a risk that during some months part of your electric fence will be under water or that, for example, the lower wires will be under water? Gallagher offers a simple solution to this problem with the "Flooding resistor".

The flooding resistor ensures that the bottom wire is deactivated while the rest of the fence continues to function. It is very simple and effective. It has a resistance of 5600 Ohm. And it's ideal for use when there is a risk that part of the fence may sometimes be under water.

We recommend that you let a Gallagher specialist install this fence.

Tip 2: Create passages while retaining current

A passage should be easy to close, while also properly conducting the current. Even when the passage is open, the fence should remain live on both sides of the passage. It is therefore important that you guide the current underground with a ground cable. The choice of ground cable depends on the energiser you use. Look at the table below to decide which ground cable is most suitable for your system.

Gallagher offers many different gates. Which passage you decide to use is a personal choice. However, we recommend the multi-wire passage set, because it’s extremely easy to use and inexpensive.

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