7 years warranty on all energizers! Register your product

7 years warrranty

Did you buy a Gallagher energizer in 2017? You will have a 7 years warranty after registration. The 7 years warranty is available if you comply with all the applicable terms and conditions of promotions*

Due to technical difficulties, the 7 Years warranty registration form is offline. Please enter the contact form below, so we are able to inform you when the form is working again. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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By when do you need to register your energizer?

You can only register within 3 months of the purchase date. Registrations on the website with a purchase date that goes more than 3 months back are deemed invalid and do not receive an extended warranty.

The right energizer for your situation

Are you still looking for an energizer? We would like to help you find the correct energizer for your situation. Use our test and receive instant advice. If you would like more advice, please contact us on +31 (0)50 368 31 10. If you would like an energizer that is eligible for a 7 years warranty, please click here

7 years warrantyFree extended warranty

For every Gallagher energizer you receive a 2-year warranty. On top of that you will receive an extra 5 years of warranty in 2017! Did you buy an energizer in 2017? Please complete the following form to receive your extra 5 years of warranty.


Did you buy a B60? Please enter: 1 followed by the serial number.

*Remember: your entitlement to a warranty is only honoured if you show your purchase receipt and your registration certificate and you need to comply with the terms and conditions of promotions