Tips for the care of your fence

We are pleased to give you tips and advice on the maintenance of your fence. Because we know from experience that good and planned maintenance will improve the life of your fence. Do you have a tip for the care of your fence? Please share it with us!

1. Careefree fence? 3000v! 
2. Winter maintenance;
3. Use a FaultFinder for measuring your fence. 

Tip 1: Carefree fence? 3000v!

For a carefree fence, we recommend that you have at least 3000v at the end of the fence.

Tip 2: Winter maintenance

You can preserve a 9v battery during the winter months by closing the air holes at the top. This will stop the chemical process. When you start using it again, you remove the sticker, and the battery will supply power again. 

A 12v battery energizer will also discharge during the winter when it’s not in use, and this can lead to damage. We recommend that you connect the energizer to a battery charger during the winter. This will help to keep your energizer in top condition.

Acculader 056707

Alternatively, use our Optima battery energizers for little or no maintenance.

 Optima accu 059621/059614/062096                      Gallagher en Optima 12V accu's

Tip 3: Use a FaultFinder for measuring your fence

The FaultFinder has some astonishing features. It is a combined voltage and amperage meter. It is easy to measure the performance of your fence with the FaultFinder, as you can use it to measure the amperage, and so trace a short circuit, in your fence. The arrow on the display points you in the direction of the short circuit. This will help you find the cause of the fault very quickly, saving on time and reducing nuisance. 

The FaultFinder is suitable for any conductor, from smooth wire to 40mm tape. Never use the FaultFinder to measure tension on the energizer, only on the fence itself, at a distance of at least 10 metres from the energizer.