The powerful new Gallagher solar range with a 7-year warranty!

The powerful new Gallagher solar range with a 7-year warranty!

Gallagher has expanded its popular solar range for this year with three new solar energizers that will power fences over even greater distances:

  • S100 for fencing of up to 10 kilometres
  • S40 for fencing of up to 5 kilometres
  • S20 for fencing of up to 2 kilometres

All solar energizers are powered by solar energy and the in-built battery management system ensures they continue to work for 3 weeks without sunlight. The S100 works on a 12V battery, the S40 and S20 work on a 6V battery. The status of the battery is clearly visible on a battery status indicator.

These energizers have been developed for temporary fencing and have a properly positioned 360-degree assembly point to ensure they can always be positioned in the direction of the sun. 

Easily portable: lightweight and easy to carry
Easy to install: several assembly options available
Effective battery status check: the solution for fencing of <1km to 10km
Sturdy: designed for all weather conditions and ready to be used on the farm 
Intelligent battery management: intelligent solar technology ensures your battery is protected and maintained
Reliable: works up to 3 weeks without sunlight

The solar energizers can be used for portable and permanent fencing for cattle, horses, sheep and goats. 

Gallagher is now the only one in the market to offer 7 years of warranty! If you are interested in other solar energizers or regular energizers with a 7-year warranty, click here to view all our energizers. 

The new Gallagher solar range with a 7-year warranty: