Electric barrier against stone martens

Stone martens can cause a lot of problems by gnawing through cables under cars. They can cause damage to buildings, and their droppings give off obnoxious smells.

Gallagher recommends an electric fence system. The M10 starter kit provides a basic kit. This set offers the basis for an effective barrier to keep out animals around your house and garden. It contains the most important elements for an electric barrier against stone martens in your garden, but it also keeps out cats. It will protect your aviary against cats and your flowerbeds against dogs and cats.

All you have to add is wire, insulators and/or posts, depending on its application. For a garden fence or roof gutter, for example, you will only need insulators and wire, while for a garden or yard you will need posts and wire.

We will be happy to give you tailor-made advice for this solution