Keeping out cats

Are (other people's) cats a nuisance? Would you like to protect your vegetable garden and rose beds, or prevent cats from defecating in your garden? Then an electric fence will provide an effective and safe solution for both humans and animals. Safe and sound.

There are two systems available, one you erect in the garden with posts and wire, and the other you fit onto the garden fence or wall.

For a garden system you need short fence posts (75cm), a good conductor, such as Vidoflex 6, and a Gallagher fence energizer. The M10 starter kit is often sufficient.

For a system on the garden fence you need insulators, as well as a good conductor and an energizer. How does this system work? The wire is led through the insulator (from A to B), and a second wire is lead back (from B to A) via the same insulator. The wires should not touch. As soon as the animal touches the garden fence with its paws, it will make contact with the earth wire. It then closes the circuit by touching the + wire with its head. This provokes a fright response, with the cat jumping back and not going into your garden.

Electric fences for pets are not dangerous. An electric fence uses one very short pulse voltage. This very short pulse causes a current which hardly goes through the body, and instead is conducted along an animal's skin. This provokes a fright response, but involves absolutely no harm to the animal.

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