Installation tips

1. Risk of flooding
2. Create passages while retaining current
3. Containing your animals 

Tip 1: Risk of flooding at the location of your electric fence?

Is there a risk that during some months part of your electric fence will be under water or that, for example, the lower wires will be under water? Gallagher offers a simple solution to this problem with the "Flooding resistor".

The flooding resistor ensures that the bottom wire is deactivated while the rest of the fence continues to function. It is very simple and effective. It has a resistance of 56000hm. And it's ideal for use when there is a risk that part of the fence may sometimes be under water.

We recommend that you let a Gallagher specialist install this fence. 

Required product  
Flooding resistor Flooding resistor

Tip 2: Create passages while retaining current

A passage should be easy to close, while also properly conducting the current. Even when the passage is open, the fence should remain live on both sides of the passage. It is therefore important that you guide the current underground with a ground cable. The choice of ground cable depends on the energizer you use. Look at the table below to decide which ground cable is most suitable for your system.

Gallagher offers many different gates. Which passage you decide to use is a personal choice. However, we recommend the multi-wire passage set, because it’s extremely easy to use and inexpensive.

The different options:

Multi-wire passage set Multi-wire passage set
Self-closing gate spring 5m Self-closing gate spring 5m
White self-closing gate spring 5m White self-closing gate spring 5m
Passage set elastic cord 6m  Passage set elastic cord 6m
Passage set elastic cord 11m  Passage set elastic cord 11m
Rolling gate set terra 15 m  Rolpoortset terra 15m 054954
Rolling gate set white 15m ;  Rolling gate set white 15m ;
Electric fence 2.5m – 4.5m  Electrified steel gate 2.5m – 4.5m
Drive-through gate 3.7m  Drive-through gate 3.7m
Drive-through gate 5.0m  Drive-through gate 5.0m(054923)


Electric fence energizer Advice on type of ground cable
M50 ground-cable-o1-6mm-10-metres065028 
M120 ground-cable-o1-6mm-10-metres065028 
M160 ground-cable-o1-6mm-10-metres065028 
M200 ground-cable-o1-6mm-10-metres065028 
M300 Groundcable 2.5m065011
M500 Groundcable 2.5m065011
M700 Groundcable 2.5m065011
M1000 Groundcable 2.5m065011
M1200i Groundcable 2.5m065011
M1800i Groundcable 2.5m065011
M2800i Grondkabel 2.7mm016276
B10 ground-cable-o1-6mm-10-metres065028 
B11 ground-cable-o1-6mm-10-metres065028 
B20 ground-cable-o1-6mm-10-metres065028 
B35 ground-cable-o1-6mm-10-metres065028 
B40 ground-cable-o1-6mm-10-metres065028 
B50 ground-cable-o1-6mm-10-metres065028 
B80 Groundcable 2.5m065011
B180 Groundcable 2.5m065011
B280 Groundcable 2.5m065011
B100 Groundcable 2.5m065011
B200 Groundcable 2.5m065011
B300 Groundcable 2.5m065011
S17 ground-cable-o1-6mm-10-metres065028 
S20 ground-cable-o1-6mm-10-metres065028 
S50 Groundcable 2.5m065011
S220 Groundcable 2.5m065011
S230 Groundcable 2.5m065011

Tip 3: Containing your animals

The SMS Fence Alarm is a unique plug and play security system for your fence. In comparison with the existing systems, this product is a real breakthrough. It warns you with a text message if there is insufficient voltage (e.g. due to plant growth) or when the fence is interrupted (e.g. when a gate is opened). You can divide your fence into two zones for accurate problem detection. It works for a whole season on three standard batteries (not supplied).

SMS raster alarm

The fence does not have to be installed close to the energizer for the following reasons: 
1. Risk of theft; 
2. Certainty that there is sufficient tension at the end of the fence;
3. Works autonomously. Does not have to be connected to the energizer's battery (100% self-sufficiency); 
4. It will alert you immediately in the case of theft of the energizer.

How do you install a SMS alarm?