FAQ 7 years warranty

7 years warrranty

Do I need to photograph my proof of purchase?

Yes, we recommend you photograph your purchase receipt after you bought the Gallagher energizer. The reason for doing so is that the words on a till receipt fade after a few years and become difficult to read. If you want to claim the warranty, you need to show a legible copy of the purchase receipt together with the registration certificate that you receive after the online registration of your energizer. 

Do I still have 7 years warranty after a repair?

No, after a repair you do not receive another 7 years of warranty. You just have the remaining warranty at that time. If you have an energizer that requires a repair after 5 years, you are still entitled to 2 more years of warranty.

I purchased an energizer in 2016, can I register this online?

No, the energizers that were purchased in 2016 do not come under the extended warranty. Only energizers that are sold during the period from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017 are entitled to the 5 year extended warranty after registration. Energizers that were purchased in 2016 therefore have the standard 2-year warranty.

What do I need to do if my energizer does have a 7 years warranty sticker, but the registration form produces an error message when I try to register my product?

If your energizer has a 7 years warranty sticker and is on the registration form as an energizer eligible for a 7 years warranty, then you are entitled to the extended warranty. The product can be registered up to 3 months from the purchase date. After that period, the extended warranty is no longer valid! If your product complies with all those requirements, but you still receive an error message from the registration form, please contact the Gallagher Customer Services.