Do you want to prevent your animals escaping when there is no power? Or do you want to know where the short is caused in the fence? Secure your energizer against lightning stroke? All this is possible with our range of security measures and testers!

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  • Neon tester

    Neon tester

    The neon tester has simple indicator lights that show whether there is...
    • Checks whether there is sufficient voltage on your fence
    • Uses simple indicator lights to show apprximate voltage levels
    • 2-year product warranty.
  • Live Fence Indicator

    Live Fence Indicator

    The Live fence indicator is fitted to the fence and flashes with each pulse of...
  • Fault Finder battery

    Fault Finder battery

    Spare battery for the Gallagher Fault Finder....
  • Fault Finder

    Fault Finder

    Pinpoints faults quickly and easily whatever the wire type or energizer is...
    • Large easy to read LCD display shows voltage and current
    • Arrow shows direction of fault
    • Extendable contact probe for reading voltage on energizers and other hard to reach places
  • Digital Voltmeter

    Digital Voltmeter

    Supplies exact information on the condition of your fence. Makes targeted...
  • Flood Gate Controller (5600 Ohm)

    Flood Gate Controller (5600 Ohm)

    Device especially for ditches that can be mounted on a fence. It stops the...
    • Automatically switches powered flood gate off when the river is in flood.
    • This prevents the whole fence being shorted out
    • If high flood level is expected to remain for some time, switch flood gate off

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  • Cut out switch

    Cut out switch

    By using a switch, you can divide your fence into several sections and switch...
  • Lightning diverter

    Lightning diverter

    Unique adjustable lightning diverter, suitable for all energizers. Gallagher...
    • Considerably reduces the risk of lightning damage
    • Suitable for all fence energizers.