Safe electric fencing for cats

Do you need to keep your own cat in and other cats out of your garden or flowerbed? A pet electric fence is the ideal solution - safe, economical and easy to use.

Gallagher offer three different starter kits for cats:

  •  For gardens smaller than 1200 m2 (20 x 60 metres) Gallagher recommends either the mains powered M10 starter kit or the battery run B10 starter kit (if you don’t have access to mains power).
  •  For gardens larger than 1200 m2* (20 x 60 metres) Gallaher recommends the M50 starter kit.

The starter kits include an energizer, earthing materials and a connecting cable to power the fence. For the fence itself, you can choose from our selection of posts, wires and wire holders.

A pet electric fence is effective and very safe. A short, gentle pulse is used which prompts a fright response but does not harm the animal. The cat quickly develops a respect for the fence and learns to avoid it.

* If your garden or yard is larger than 5000 m2, contact your Gallagher specialist for more information. 

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