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Our online tools help you to compose your fencing, to choose the right products and to calculate what is best suited to your situation.

Would you like advice about your complete fencing? Or maybe just about the energiser you need? Or perhaps about the solar panel you need for your mobile energiser?
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Compose your fencing yourself

With the compose your fencing module it is easy to calculate the complete fencing requirements for your animals. The type of fencing that is best suited to your situation is determined on the basis of a number of questions. For example we ask about the type of animal you need fencing for. It could be deer, goats or cats. We also ask if you are looking for completely new fencing, whether you are looking to replace part of your electric fencing or whether you aim to add extra voltage to your existing fencing.

We ask more questions in function of your requirements. Questions regarding permanent or mobile fencing solutions, the lifespan of electric fencing and the dimensions of your plot also come up. This enables Gallagher to determine the type of electric fencing that is best for your situation.

Choose an energiser

An energiser provides the voltage for your fence. Gallagher offers a number of durable top-quality solutions to electrify your fence at a good price. Whether it is a battery energiser, a mains device, a battery or solar option, we are your port of call!

We provide energiser advice to help you choose the right energiser for you. With questions about the animal for which you need electric fencing, the dimensions of your plot, the type of grass in relation to the wire and the availability of 230 Volt near the pasture, you receive advice about the energisers that suit you.

Solar panel advice

Finally Gallagher advises on the solar panel that is best suited to your situation. We would like to hear for which device you use the solar panel, in which country, during which period and whether you use an energiser to full or half capacity. With answers to all those questions, Gallagher gives advice on the most suitable solar panel.