Customised advice from the Gallagher specialist on site

Are you planning to install a new electric fence or renew your existing one? With our special Gallagher On-Site Consultation your receive customised Gallagher advice. Building your fence based on our advies ensures that you Electric fence fits your situation. In that way you can fully rely on your fence and your animals are safe.
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When should you plan on-site visit from a Gallagher specialist?

  • You are planning to install a new electric fence.
  • You want to renew your existing fence
  • To keep your animals safe and to keep unwanted wild animals such as foxes and deer out
  • When you have problems with your fence

How does an on-site visit by a Gallagher specialist work?

1. Leave your details using the form below; it helps us if you can give as clear a description as possible of your desire for a (new) electric fence or a problem with your fence.
2. We will contact you as soon as possible to go through your situation, this is within 2 working days. In some cases, it is already possible to reach a solution over the phone.  3. We will schedule an appointment with you, after which you will receive a visit from one of our Gallagher Specialists.
4.We will assess the specific situation at your location and then give you Gallagher advice tailored to your electrical fence.

Together we will find the best solution so you can trust your electric fence and be sure your animals are safe. We are ready and willing to help! Leave your details and request on-site advice The information you enter here is used exclusively to respond to your message. The Gallagher specialist responsible for your area will contact you.

You are planning to install a new electric fence.

Installing a new electric fence involves a lot of work. We help you make the right decissions by e.g answering the following questions: is it a temporary solution or a (semi-) permanent fence? Is there a power supply nearby? Which animals do you want to keep inside, or do you want to keep certain wild animals outside? Working with one of our specialists helps you to assess your situation and find the best Gallagher solution for you.

You want to renew your existing fence

It may be that you already have a electric fence installed, but that your insulators, electric fence conductors or your current electric fence energiser need to be renewed. In this case, the Gallagher specialist will give you the best advice for a renewal solution on-site. So you can be sure that your animals are safe and that your electric fence will last for years to come.

To keep your animals safe and to keep unwanted wild animals such as foxes and deer out

It is very important that you have an electric fence that works well and is in optimal condition. A malfunctioning fence can have many different causes. With a Gallagher consultation, we help you to solve the malfunctioning of your electric fence. We check your fence for all parts that are necessary for a properly functioning electric fence.

When you have problems with your fence

We check whether
1. The energizer is not defect,
2. The electric fence conductors are not damaged and properly stretched,
3. That the wire connectors are not defect and have been installed properly, That the insulators and your posts are intact,
4. Whether your pasture gates and passages are intact, (are the gate handles whole and conductors tense?)
5. Whether your earthing and grounding pins are properly installed. After a full check of your electric fence, you will receive a recommendation that will help you get your electric fence back in top condition, so your animals will be safe again.