Electric Fencing 

Looking for a new fence for your animals or to protect your land against animals? Gallagher stands for maximum certainty, ease of use and optimum safety for your animals. Directly order your energizers, conductors, posts and isolators here. Your order will be delivered to a dealer of your choice. Need specific advice? Plan your fence consult with your specialist.

What is fencing?

An electric fence is a barrier used to keep your animals safely within your enclosure or to keep other animals out. Fencing is also very suitable for dividing pastures into multiple sections.

Types of fencing

There are many different types of fences, each suitable for different situations. A distinction is made between mobile fencing and permanent fencing.

Permanent fencing

Permanent fencing, as the name suggests, is fencing that is not movable. This is ideal for enclosing a herd of horses, cows, etc. The materials for a permanent fence are different from those for mobile fencing. Gallagher, for instance, offers various types of field gates for permanent enclosures.

Mobile fencing

Movable fencing, also known as mobile fencing, is a temporary enclosure that is easy to move. This often involves the use of lightweight, easily transportable posts in combination with electric wire and a mobile electric wire device. Mobile fencing is the ideal solution for dividing your pasture into multiple (small) sections. Mobile fencing is often used in a sheep pasture, for example, using our fencing nets.

Fencing materials

Each type of fencing requires different materials for the enclosure. A fence consists of several components. To begin, you need an electric fence device; the choice of an electric fence device varies depending on the situation. The same applies to the electric wire for your fence. Gallagher offers a wide range of electric wire, such as the all-in-one SmartFence. In addition, a fence consists of fencing posts, electric wire insulators, and the necessary electric wire accessories.

Fencing for animals

With fencing, you can keep your herd safely within the boundaries of your pasture, but with Gallagher, you can also keep other animals out. Discover everything about fencing for other animals.

Fence height per species

The height of the fence varies depending on the situation and the animal you want to fence in. Discover which fencing is best for you.

Building your enclosure

After choosing the materials for your fencing, it's time to start building your enclosure. Gallagher is happy to help with setting up your fencing. You can do it yourself or use a Gallagher specialist in your area.

Buying fencing

Can't wait to purchase your fencing materials? Check out all our products for your enclosure and enjoy years of fun!