Why weighing and electronic identification?

Animal weighing is an essential component for better decision-making on a livestock farm. A weighing scale or ear tag reader is the perfect tool to support you in this regard.
The investment you make will pay for itself in a short time. Weighing by eye will never be accurate and consistent!

Benefits of weighing

  • Better control of feed costs
  • More accurate use of medication
  • Early detection of diseases
  • Be able to make accurate management decisions
  • Drive better business results

New: Wireless Loadbars

Weighing your animals has never been easier

 With these new wireless weigh bars, you can avoid the most common problem with traditional weigh bars: cables. Send the weights directly to the Animal Performance+ app or to your Gallagher scales via Bluetooth. With these wireless weigh bars, have no risk of cables chewed through, cables trampled by cattle or damage to the scale connectors.

Check out the new Wireless Loadbars

Gallagher Animal Performance App

The Gallagher Animal Performance software enables you to access herd data from anywhere. With your account, you can log in to the scale, smartphone and computer. The devices communicate with each other using Wi-Fi so that each device is supplied with the correct data.

Animal Performance Plus is the upgrade to the Gallagher Animal Performance application. Animal Performance Plus takes your administration to the next level with new features:

  • Place animals in herds to track performance. Use herd analysis to set targets and compare and track your animals' progress from your different herds in different plots. 
  • Categorise your animals into groups in any way you like. This allows you to create a more detailed picture to compare traits, activities and life data.
  • Use intensive customised filters for in-depth performance insights and animal management activities. Such as finding the right animals to add to a particular herd, group or sort list.
  • Get the data you need from the app using detailed filter.