A wilder world

We didn't get into the rodent killing business to kill things. We got into it to help biodiversity thrive.

Rodents are bad news for people and the planet, destroying crops and wildlife, spreading disease and devastating ecosystems. Every solution out there was archaic, inhumane or incredibly toxic. Our founders Robbie and Craig knew if we were going to have a crack at rewilding the world, we were going to have to find a better way to kill rodents. They brainstormed 100 ways to kill a rat, and the Goodnature trap was born.

Designed to work anywhere

Developed from almost two decades of field testing, our traps have been proven to work anywhere rodents roam - garage, attic, kitchen, backyard, barn or farm. It's even used in some of the world’s most fragile ecosystems to kill rodents and protect critically endangered species.

See how our traps work

A smarter trap

The Smart Cap on our traps counts each pest your trap has killed and connects to the Goodnature smartphone app via Bluetooth. Kill notifications make sure you never miss a kill, while refill reminders make sure you don't forget those twice a year trap top ups.

100% toxin-free kills

Our rodent paste is designed to be irresistible to rats and mice, so they follow their noses up into your trap for a swift humane death. It's also 100% toxin-free, making it safe for kids, pets and other wildlife. It automatically dispenses over six months, because everyone's got better things to do than rebait their traps.


No more checking and resetting traps. Get the trap that resets automatically, 24 times.


Even pests deserve to be treated kindly. Goodnature traps mean a quick death.

Non Toxic

Our lures are toxin free. There's no need for nasty poisons, so you know it's safe.

New Zealand Made

High quality product, happy people. Our products are made here in Wellington, NZ.