Keeping out wolves

Where there are wolves, animals will get killed. A stream, ditch or nearby house will not act as any type of barrier in this respect.

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Keeping out wolves with electric fencing

A wolf eats 3 to 4 kilos of meat a day, but it can also eat larger quantities and live off them for days. The wolf goes for the minimum effort when it comes to its food supply, jumping would therefore not be something a wolf would do very quickly. But crawling under a fence is a possibility. The wolf will mainly look for its prey in the wild. This includes deer, red deer, boars and smaller animals such as mice and rats. Unfortunately, sheep and goats also fall prey to the wolf. Young and inexperienced animals in particular are eaten by wolves.

Protect your animals against wolf attacks

You want nothing more than to protect your animals to ensure that you can let your sheep and/or goats walk safely outside with peace of mind. Good fencing helps protect and keep your animals safe. In many cases, a 'standard' mesh fence is still used. Unfortunately, this solution offers insufficient protection and will not deter the wolf. To repel and deter a wolf, an electric fence is necessary.

Types of fencing for wolves

High tensile fencing against wolves

A proven and effective way to repel the wolf is to use electric fencing. With an effective Gallagher electric fence, the wolf can be repelled. For example, there have been successful projects in which sheep are protected from the wolf by electric fence. With a Gallagher fence, you can protect your flock from the danger of the wolf. Gallagher recommends a high tensile fence for repelling wolves. High tensile is a durable and permanent system, easily lasting 20 to 25 years. Combined with a powerful energiser, the fence becomes safe and secure. For a permanent wolf-resistant fence, Gallagher recommends a system of 5-7 wires of at least 1.20 m. Gallagher recommends a High Tensile fence in combination with the Insulated Line Post.

High Tensile in combination with the Insulated Line Post:

The Line Post has the advantage that you can install this post yourself very easily. The post is designed to be very durable and flexible and will therefore not break easily, yet it offers the safety you are looking for. With the matching clips, you can always readjust the wire height and the post is designed so that you can reuse it if you want to change pastures. For wolves, we recommend the Line Post with a size of 1.90 m in combination with a minimum of 6 wires. For a (semi) permanent fence, we recommend the S400 energiser. The S400 is maintenance-free and is still safe for use even after 1 week without direct daylight. Due to its larger size, the blue ribbon ensures that the wolf is more quickly discouraged from jumping the fence.

  • Post spacing at 10 metres and at the corners a wooden or insultimber corner post.
  • The Line Post is easy to install and reusable.
  • Place the first wire low to the ground (15 cm).
  • The high tensile wire is tightened using rotating tensioners.
  • Tension springs are placed to absorb the tension differences due to temperature differences.
  • 10-year warranty on the Insulated line post.
  • Use 12.5 mm blue ribbon as top wire for your fence.
  • We recommend the S400 as a fence device.

High Tensile in combination with Insultimber (FSC®) wooden posts

As an alternative to Line Post, you can also opt for Insultimber. Insultimber posts are very unique as they are fully self-insulating and have a lifespan of up to 30 years. This system is based on a unique concept of fixed and floating posts. The whole construction is very stable and safe. To keep wolves out, we recommend longer posts because the fence needs to be higher with more wires.
  • Construction height is at least 1.20m. 
  • Post spacing at 10 metres and a fixed 2.00 m post every 40 metres.
  • In between, place the floating bollard (batting of 1.26m). 
  • Gallagher recommends Insultimber posts where the holes are pre-drilled at the correct heights.
  • Insultimber is very durable.
  • Place the first wire low to the ground. (20 cm). 
  • The high tensile wire is tightly tensioned using rotating tensioners. 
  • Tensile springs are placed to absorb the tension differences due to temperature differences. 
  • 10-year warranty on Insultimber posts.

Mobile fence against wolves

A secure electric fence for repelling wolves, which must be mobile or movable, basically consists of a system of: plastic posts, plastic wire, ribbon and a powerful energiser. The fence should have the height of at least 1.20m and have 5-7 wires to repel a wolf. Start with a wire close to the ground and finish with a fence ribbon (instead of wire) of, say, 12.5mm at the top of the post. Due to its larger size, the ribbon will discourage the wolf from jumping over the fence more quickly. For even better effect, Gallagher recommends attaching the Foxlight to the fence. This way, the wolf is deterred by light beams in the dark and will soon avoid the fence and your animals.

Repelling wolves with electric fence reel system

Gallagher has a unique solution consisting of blue plastic posts, blue wire and a reel system. As top wire, we recommend either a signal tape (without power) or a 12.5 mm blue scare tape for even more security. The choice of the type of energiser depends on several factors, such as the type of energiser (mains, battery or solar), the distance of the fence and the type and number of conductors. We recommend supplementing the mobile fence with the Gallagher S200 energiser. Very easy to use, and still safe for use even after 1 week without direct daylight.

Wolf nets as mobile wolf fencing

The alternative to installing a temporary fence is the wolf net. A fence with a wolf net is easy to erect and dismantle and very suitable for flocks of sheep that are grazed regularly. The wolf net is a complete all-in-one solution for wolf-proof fencing. The net is 50 metres long and 1.20 m high. There are a total of 14 posts with a double pin so that the net stands securely. The ground wire is reinforced to increase its lifespan. This special wolf net is constructed in plus minus, which means that the conductors are alternately constructed with a plus and a minus wire. If the wolf comes into contact with 2 wires at the same time, the animal is immediately given a severe beating. This makes the system wolf-proof. Complete your wolf net fence with the MBS800 energiser. The MBS800 is the most powerful 3-in-1 multi power energiser. This device can be used on either 230V, a 12V battery or in combination with a solar panel and is known as a very powerful battery device. 

Wolf upgrade kit

A standard sheep net is 90 cm; to keep the wolf out, a 120 cm net is needed. For a mobile fence, that means considerably more weight to move. By raising an existing sheep net with an extra ribbon, the existing net does not have to go, but can be reused in a very sustainable way! With this upgrade kit, you offer your customer a fast, durable, affordable and practical solution.

Gallagher's advice

For a wolf repellent solution, Gallagher recommends an electric fence (fence) to stop and deter wolves. This fence should be at least 1.20 m high and, in doing so, it is important to use 5 - 7 horizontal wires. The bottom wire should be close enough to the ground. The bottom wire should be no more than 20 cm above the ground, so that wolves do not have a chance to crawl under it. If possible, place ribbon instead of cord at the top of the fence because ribbon flutters and is therefore an additional visual barrier. The ribbon deters wolves even more and prevents the wolf from jumping over the fence. Gallagher offers various fencing systems and solutions to protect your livestock from wolves. You can fence your meadow where your animals are by means of a permanent fence or a mobile fence. Of course, you can also electrify your current non-electrified fencing (e.g. wire mesh or wooden fencing). So that, with a few modifications, you can make your existing fence wolf-proof.

Making existing fencing wolf-proof

Do you have a fence with a height of 80 cm? Then this existing fence can be made wolf-proof with a few adjustments. Think for example of a wire mesh fence. A fence of 80 cm is not enough to protect your animals against attacks by wolves. By adding fence posts to this existing fence, a fence of 1.20 cm high can be created. These fence posts are then fitted with 3 live wires. Did you know: That there are subsidy schemes in place if you choose to make your (existing) fence wolf-proof?

ElectroMax fence wire (2.65mm) (approx. 600 metres)
Electromax fence wire is suitable for all types of permanent fencing, especially for areas were improved conductivity is essential for fence performance and monitoring. ElectroMax is 15% more conductive than standard 2.5mm aluminium- coated wire, and its superior power performance carries further while effectively managing shorts. The patented zinc- alu coating protects the wire and ensures 3x times longer life than standard wire. Specifications - Diameter mm: 2.65 - Resistance ohm / meter: 0.0297 - Tensile strength kg: 550

DKK 1,126.00*
Gallagher Insulated Line Post 1,90m (4)
Gallagher LinePost (1,90m), unique and durable design and extremely suitable for permanent fencing. Full self- insulating and extremely quick and easy to set up. The conductor can be attached to various pre- shaped positions on the post with LinePost Clips that are available separately. The unique and durable benefits of this post are achieved by combining a fibreglass core with a UV- protected polyethylene exterior. Product warranty: 10 years. Lifespan: 25 years or more! The maximum wire height is 1.35m. Read everything about the insulated Line Post here

DKK 469.00*
7 years warranty
Gallagher S400 solar fence energiser incl. 2 batteries (2x 12 V - 7,2 Ah)
The S400 is the strongest solar energiser in the market. With the 40 Watt solar panel, the S400 can power fencing of up to 30km. Even after one week without direct sunlight, the energiser still has enough power to put enough voltage on your fencing. The S400 is extremely suitable for temporary fencing that covers a reasonably large area. It means you have enough voltage on your fencing, without needing a socket nearby! Specifications: - Maximum output voltage (V): 9800 - Charging energy (J): 4.0 - Maximum impulse energy (J): 3.0 - Solar panel (Watt): 40 - Number of earthing rods required: 4 x 1 m - No vegetation (km) (recommended): 30 - Light vegetation (km) (recommended): 16 - Dense vegetation (km) (recommended): 7 - Fence surface (ha) (recommended): 16

DKK 7,059.00*
Insultimber (FSC®) corner post (10.0 x 10.0cm - 2.50 metres) (pack of 10)
Self- insulated Timber (FSC®) for permanent fencing. Up to 70% more cost effective than traditional non- electric fencing. No insulators required. Insultimber (FSC®) does not require chemical treatment.

DKK 7,469.00*
Insultimber (FSC®) Intermediate Post (3.8 x 3.8cm - 1.50 metres)
These self- insulated, maintenance- free wooden posts are a cost effective option for permanent fencing. No insulators are required. Insultimber (FSC®) posts also have 3x longer life than standard wooden posts, and have an FSC® hallmark and a 10 year guarantee.

DKK 129.00*
Insultimber (FSC®) main fence post (4.0 x 8.0cm - 2.00 metres)
These self- insulated, maintenance- free wooden posts are a cost effective option for permanent fencing. No insulators are required. Insultimber (FSC®) posts also have 3x longer life than standard wooden posts, and have an FSC® hallmark and a 10 year guarantee.

DKK 399.00*
TurboLine tape 12,5mm Blue 200m
Strongly conductive tape for portable cattle and horse fencing. Power guaranteed from beginning to end due to vertical stainless- steel wires. The blue colour makes this tape particularly suitable for keeping game animals away from your own animals, because wild animals see the colour blue particularly well. Specifications - Diameter mm: 12.5 - No. of stainless steel wires: 3 - No. of tinned copper wires: 2 - Resistance ohm / meter: 0.09 - Tensile strength kg: 100

DKK 359.00*