Electric fencing solutions

An electric fence system is an ideal solution for safe containment of animals in a select area, or to control animal movement on farm. 
Electric fencing can also be used to achieve optimum pasture yields.

Importance of electric fencing

Protect what matters most

Gallagher electric fencing products can play a key role in helping you control the area to be grazed. We offer both permanent and portable electric fence systems that allow specific areas of the pasture to be grazed, while other pastures are allowed to rest and regrow. 

Protect your lifestock

Electric fencing is there to protect your animals.
Gallagher offers solutions for protecting animals such as cattle, horses and pigs.

Keep out wildlife

Electric fencing can serve to keep animals out.
Gallagher offers solutions for protecting animals such as cattle, horses and pigs.

The i Series 

Powerful, intelligent and technically perfect fence energisers

Their power, intelligence and technical perfection make the fence energisers from the   i Series the best in the world! Furthermore, you will always get optimum service and installation advice from the Gallagher specialist.

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Solar energy

Harvesting the power of light to keep your livestock where they are meant to be.

Technological innovations have led to the ultimate solution for remote or temporary electric fences: the solar energiser. The new generation Gallagher devices are packed with smart technology so they also function perfectly without direct sunlight. Thanks to a clever design, the devices are lightweight and easy to move and install. They are also weatherproof and very robust.

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Build your own electric fence

Whether you need a portable, short-term fence for rotational grazing or a larger scale more permanent electric fence, we'll guide you through to the right system.

 Answer the questions to find the ideal fence set up, complete with the products you will need to build the fence.